Griffin Screen Care Kit (Matte) for iPod Touch 4G (In Depth Review & HQ Pics)

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    Here is my review on the Griffin Screen Care Kit for the iPod Touch 4G

    You guys know that I highly enjoyed the Griffin Screen Care Kit for the iPhone 4 and today we are going to be taking a look at the exact same thing for the iPod Touch 4G. I have had this on since the day the iPod Touch 4G arrived and I have been testing it out to extensive measures. Does the Griffin Screen Care Kit for the iPod Touch 4G prove to be just as good as it’s older brother or will he iPhone 4 version leave the iPod Touch version in the dust? Read on for the full review of the Griffin Screen Care Kit for the iPod Touch 4G to find out.

    In the past weeks, matte screen shields have been growing on me, and that’s what made me go out and by these. In case you do not know what matte screen shields are, they are basically a very smooth protector that keeps fingerprints and glare off and away from your phone while sacrificing a little bit of screen clarity.

    Let’s take a quick look at all of the button cutouts and the access. At the top of the protector you have a pretty generous cutout for the front facing camera. While I would have preferred for this to be a little bit on the smaller side, it doesn’t make a huge difference to me as long it does not affect the camera in any way, which it does not. On the bottom of the protector you have a huge cutout for the home button that extends all the way down in a dome shape instead of a circular cutout. I really have no idea why Griffin did this, as it leaves room for potential scratching and damage along the bottom of the iPod.

    Another thing that I must point out is that even though this screen shield will work with most cases (except sliders of course), Griffin was a little off on their measurements. While I got the front camera lined up perfectly, the home button portion seems to be very off centered and lagged to the right. Also, I found that the edges (as well as the bottom and top) leave a significant amount of the screen showing, which again, could lead to scratches and other debris damaging the screen.

    Also, I found out that even though this is a matte screen shield, it doesn’t do a lot of good when it comes to preventing fingerprints. Within a few minutes of using the screen and the apps, I could already see streaks and fingerprints that covered the screen. Even though it is not nearly as bad as crystal clear screen shields, it is still not as good as some of the other protectors I have seen.

    Now, this isn’t at all a bad screen shield, but it’s also not great. It still does a pretty good job at repelling glare and fingerprints and proves to be quite well if you are just using it to protect your screen. Still, I feel that the Griffin Screen Care Kit for the iPod Touch 4G is an unfinished product and needs to be tweaked and redone in some areas to be a good screen shield.

    You can pick up the Griffin Screen Care Kit for the iPod Touch 4G in a variety of different locations, wether it be on the internet or in store. I picked mine up at Best Buy for the price of $9.99

    Rating: 3/5




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    Aug 1, 2009
    Nice to see. It would appear the tolerance in measuring is a little on the cautious side no doubt to stop the corners from peeling back as daily use puts a strain on the film and adhesive.

    I've my own creation in development, will have a look as the alignment issue and see if it's possible to get the edge of the film to align with the edge of the glass. On my own 3G iPhone the film fitment is perfect (but then again I took the phone apart and applied the film to the screen and the cut out the holes. so far it works well as screen protector/glare reducer; still playing with the finger print gremlins at the moment though. Solve that and should be good to go.

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