Ground wire of Magsafe extension cord.


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Jul 11, 2010

A couple of weeks ago, I bought the new macbook pro - my first (YAY!!! :))

I bought it in USA, but I'm using it in Denmark, and would like to convert my magsafe extension cord plug (the wall-outlet end) so it fits into danisk outlets.
I've done it plenty of times before, but I haven't previously seen it with ground (see attached photo).

Does anyone know which of the wires in the cord (white, blue or teal/green) is ground, so I know what wires to attach to the danish plug.

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Jul 11, 2010
Sorry, photos are fixed now.

A new Magsafe power adapter is pretty expensive in Denmark, and since I have some danish plugs lying around I'd rather modify it, than apply an extra adapter on top of that :)
I've already ordered a "duck head" plug adapter for the magsafe unit, but I would like to be able to use my extension cord as well :)

Anyone who knows which of the three wires is the ground?


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Mar 20, 2006
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Awesome! Thanks! I was actually thinking the circuit was running in the colored wires and ground was white, so thanks for clearing that up :)
What the previous fellow mentioned was this: That cord comes off the MagSafe adapter and can be replaced with a Danish one. You are NOT replacing the MagSafe, you are replacing a cord that attaches to the MagSafe.

Like this:

Since you have already mutilated that one, you might was well carry on with your current plan. :D
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Jun 6, 2010
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Usually white is the hot/positive, black is the negative, and green is the ground here in the US. Those are the only colors I can see in the photo...
Like other people said, don't replace the magsafe, just pop off the end that goes into the power brick and you can replace that piece. Although since you've already cut into it, you may as well put a new Denmark style end on it.

You basically need something as pictured below. Granted, it's a UK style plug, and poor image quality, but it gives you the general idea. They run cheap, probably below 4 or 5 euros / 25ish Krones (Does Denmark still use the Krone, or have they adopted the Euro yet? Do they even use Krones? I do not recall.)
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Mar 30, 2008
a stick like this would work? just find some electronics that use that kind of cord and use but it does not look pretty :p but a good replacement until you buy something nicer :D
Works fine, but doesent get him the ground connection ;)

I would just test which one of the colored cords that is connected to the ground pin on the old plug, just to be sure.

På dansk: Snup et multimeter og test modstanden imellem stel og de forskellige ledninger. Den der giver en meget lav modstand er den rigtige ;)
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