Growl 1.1.3 brings Leopardised GrowlMail

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    Link: Growl 1.1.3 brings Leopardised GrowlMail
    Description:: Growl 1.1.3 has been released, bringing with it the official Leopard-friendly GrowlMail and GrowlSafari Extras. A beta-version of the GrowlMail Extra emerged on the Internet late last year. This new release is the real thing. The main Growl app gains a number of improvements, including the ability to show notifications in every one of Leopard’s Spaces, the option to set a unique sound for each app’s alerts, and some bug fixes.

    GrowlMail itself has been rewritten to remove the conflict with Leopard, and can now be installed on other start-up volumes. GrowlSafari works with Safari 3.0.

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