(GUIDE) Improve battery and performance of your iDevice (Up to 5.1)

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    Hello all, I Couldn't find a guide like this on Macrumours; and every other website I look at only have "simple" guides. I made this for power users and normal users a-like. If you see some information below that is inaccurate or want to help add new info, please leave a comment below and i'll amend this thread.

    Legend: Highly Recommended, Recommended, Not Recommended, Not Proven.

    Lower your brightness
    Info: Helps save battery a LOT. I recommend 30-40% if you want to still have a bright device, or you could use Auto-Brightness.
    Direction: Settings>Brightness

    Disable iCloud
    Info: Helps Battery, Saves wasted data and phone usage.
    Direction: Settings>iCloud

    Disable Bluetooth
    Info: If you don't need or use it, why keep it enabled?
    Direction: Settings>General>Bluetooth

    Disable 3G and/or WIFI
    Info: If you don't use either of these then a disable would do huge wonders for battery life.
    Direction: Settings>General>Network>Disable 3G

    Perform a full battery drain
    Info: There has been a lot of proof showing that i you fully drain the battery every month it lasts longer.
    Direction: Wait until your iDevice dies and then fully charge it.

    Close apps properly
    Info: This should not need explaining.
    Direction: Double tap home button, hold an app and press x at the top.

    Disable Notifications
    Info: Slightly helps with battery, somewhat recommended.
    Direction: Settings>Notifications

    Disable Push Notifications
    Info: Confirmed to help a fair amount with battery, fetch every 15mins is acceptable or just manual so you see them when you open the mail app.
    Direction: Settings>Mail,etc>Fetch New Data>

    Auto Look sooner
    Info: Change Auto-Lock to 1 minute - iDevice's screen sucks out a lot of battery juice.
    Direction: Settings>General>Auto-Lock

    Disable Siri
    Info: Siri has been known to make battery life worse. Disabling Siri could remove personal Siri info.
    Direction: Settings>General>Siri

    Disable Location Services
    Info: Disabling System services are recommended, other services arent as recommended because they are only active when in use.
    Direction: Settings>General>Location Services

    Disable Twitter.
    Info: Known to drain battery and use up data, scroll to the bottom to disable it.
    Direction: Settings>Twitter>

    Restricting Ping
    Info: Its reported this uses up a fair amount of unjustifiable battery.
    Direction: Settings>General> Restrictions

    Disable Diagnostics.
    Info: This "service" sends data to apple eating up your data and some battery along the way.
    Direction: Settings>General>About>Diagnostics & Usage

    Disable Spotlight
    Info: Not very noticeable difference and not entirely recommended.
    Direction: Settings>General>Spotlight Search>Disable all.

    Set Time zones Manually
    Info: Save your iDevice from having to constantly using GPS.
    Direction: Settings>General>Location Services>System Services

    Disable EQ
    Info: Not sure if this myth is true, but I added it just incase.
    Direction: Settings>Music>EQ

    Turn off Vibration
    Info: Only useful if you get tons of calls, texts, etc.
    Direction: Settings>Sounds

    Turn off Keyboard clicks
    Info: Only useful if you type a lot. Not very useful.
    Direction: Settings>Sounds

    Use Airplane mode
    Info: Have no phone service? This will make your iDevice last for ages.
    Direction: Settings>Airplane Mode

    Info: Maybe there is something wrong you cannot find, a restore could help.
    Direction: MAC/PC>Itunes>Restore.

    Reset Network
    Direction: Settings>Reset >Reset Network Settings

    Disable Ask to Join Networks
    Direction: Settings>WIFI Networks

    Jailbreak Tips
    I don't plan on adding any tips relating to Jailbreaking as I realise that most "end users" wont use jailbreak. I will however mention that disabling launch daemons and deleting unused languages helps.

    I plan to keep this thread alive for at least the next 2 gens of iDevices.
    Of-course you can feel free to post this information on other forums and websites.
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    Finally, a guide to improving battery and performance for iPhones!
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    Whilst that is a good thread it isn't updated and lacks all the the general battery saving tips though I am thankful you have linked it, if you have anything to contribute I this thread feel free to do so!

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