[Guide] Success! Install 10.8 on old unsupported Mac


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Jan 6, 2011
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I've a macbook 2,1 as well :) I'll follow your adventures as Im not happy with Lion.
there is an even easier way now. Feel free to message me

I tried to install Mountain Lion on a MacBook 2,1 following the OSXHackers Method 1 with macOS Extractor. The Installer completes but it says that the system maybe can't boot because it can't set the startdisk disk. But it boots succesfully.anyway However installing the GMA950 drivers doesn't complete succesfully (the postinstall installation script fails - no further details in the log).

After booting the GMA 950 drivers are loaded fine though, but the dock is gone and checking Activity Monitor and the Console shows that the dock keeps restarting and crashing.

I have tried to start up in safe mode, tried to create a new user and reinstall the GMS850 package, but the problem persists.

Any ideas on how to fix this?
[doublepost=1564990970][/doublepost]Anyone have a working install image of Mountain Lion 10.8.5 for MacBook 2,1?
yes message me


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Aug 25, 2008
FaceTime and iMessage are not working after a clean install on iMac 5,1
error: 'The server encountered an error processing registration'

Is there as of January 2020 actually af fix? (someone who has/got this working?)

What I tried so far:

- All(?) possible log in/out actions with my @me and my daughters @icloud Apple ID
- fresh 2FA code for general iCloud login used behind iCloud password
- App-specific password
- checkt hosts file (was pristine/normal/unaltered)
- reset PRAM
- used a terminal command with the iMac serial and a random 6 digit code
- call Apple Support with 'iCloud problem' while booted in 10.7.5 to no avail, they refused to actually help
- other (Dutch) people tried it on their machines, same error also on 10.7.5
- I today filed a support request @osxhackers to hear if it is permanent
- researched other MLPF versions 1.0.1 was the first one to work. 2.0.1 just bootloops. I don't think it's a MLPF/Extractor problem though
- Is there a way to get FT 3.0 from Mavericks working?

As can be seen I tried numerous options from the MacRumors threads and others, did I miss someting?

Strange findings in this quest:

1. On the Apple websites under requirements it states making FaceTime calls is possible from 10.7 and receiving them from 10.9.2.

2. It seems like FT and iMessage used to run on AOLs servers, like iChat, but if that's true or not it seems a server side problem Apple Support (who used to solve this according to a few threads) refuses to do anything about it.

@hackerwayne Maybe good to put it in a sticky if the failure is permanent/server side/unsolvable

Slightly off-topic question:
There's no solution/port for the x1600 driver (no Graphics accelaration) on 10.9+ is there? FT 3.0 on Mavericks works as expected (on other machine of course)