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    I just bought a 2014 mini on August 30th. Its really good. I got the 2.6 i5 and 8gb ram. Partitioned the HD in 2. 1 with High Sierra and 1 with Mojave beta. Install hanged forever on apple logo. I pressed power button for 10 seconds and turned it off. After I turned it back on it booted right up. Once in Mojave it was a little slow at first but after 2 minutes it was ok. It said update to Beta 9 so I did and now its all good.

    I don't like dark mode however. I wear glasses so its a little easier on the eyes. But I don't like it all dark. Can it be done half and half so to speak. Like keep desktop dark. But double click on Macintosh HD for example. And the main area with folders stays white and not dark. Or maybe an option to switch only the sidebars between white and black. Dark mode is a good idea. Just not the whole computer. Would be nice to see some contrast. Some areas white and some dark.
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    • Turn the dark mode on.
    • Open terminal and type in: defaults write -g NSRequiresAquaSystemAppearance -bool YES and press enter.
    • Restart your Mac.
    • The menubar and the dock should now be in dark mode and the finder windows should be in light mode. This is bringing dark mode from High Sierra
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    The above poster's method works if you want it like pre-Mojave, but for the Finder windows specifically, you can keep the window chrome black while having the background of the Finder window light. To do so, go to View-> Show View options and choose color as the background. Click "Use as Defaults" to expand this choice to all subsequent Finder windows. By selecting a light color, the text becomes black on white. In Mail, go to Preferences -> Viewing Options and uncheck "Use dark backgrounds in messages".

    Hope that helps!

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    Is this option to change finder background removed in Mojave? It does not appear in my view options.

    EDIT: I found it. Only works in Icon view. When you change to List or Column, it goes back to dark.
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    Windows now is even more mixed bag interface after the October update. Grey dark mode for File Explorer. Black dark mode for settings and start menu. Everything else legacy white windows. Sometimes with a new contextual menu sometimes Win95 style contextual menus.
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    Apple took it away from in Yosemite and FINALLY it's back...

    Dark Notification Center, Dock and Menubar (while keeping the windows bright).


    Select the dark theme, run these commands then log out and log back in:

    defaults write -g NSRequiresAquaSystemAppearance -bool Yes

    defaults write com.apple.Spotlight NSRequiresAquaSystemAppearance -bool No

    defaults write com.apple.notificationcenterui NSRequiresAquaSystemAppearance -bool No

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