Happy birthday, iPhone: Let’s talk about your dirty environmental secret

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    Yes, there is a lot of waste in the world. And Apple isn't the only cell phone manufacturer in the world, only 18% marketshare. Imagine all the resources wasted just around the holiday of Christmas- Simply with wrapping paper and decorations. Mind blowing and disgusting.

    This article doesn't really give me a good picture of the spectrum of recycling programs and numbers associated with it. If I recycle a phone at VZW or Apple where does it end up specifically? It's a bit of a hodgepodge article and doesn't instill a sense of thorough grasp and quantification of the problem.

    This author's search terms are very limited using specifically "iPhone" and electronic waste. She also cites iPhone production numbers and then uses statistics of total "mobile devices" thrown out in the same sentence, conflating the two.

    As for the listed 3rd world countries who evidently disassemble allegedly (some? many? all? none?) of the old iPhones, I'm not sure the first world/US bears much of the responsibility of the improper disposing techniques of these companies in foreign countries. Presumably these companies would buy the scrapped the phones to turn a profit from whatever they strip? Therefore it sounds these "recycling companies" to me they are profiting at the expense of their people and environment.

    Overall not impressed with the quality of the reporting but it's a sensible point to make.
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