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    when you have the GOVT supporting racist policies like extra points thanks to AA among other things, being segregated into classes does not help either, your skin tone should not determine how many more point or less points you get awarded when it comes to school, it is RACIST & insulting.

    while the video references black people, it applies to ALL minorities.
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    Yeah, great argument, only abuse by white officers gets attention. Like these here cops who are under indictment for the death of Freddie Gray,


    All a bunch of pasty-faced Aryan wannabe-klansmen.

    Really, what we need is for the police who live in Mystic Falls Estates to be allowed to patrol Mystic Falls Estates and restrict the policing of West Schwarzgebiet to officers who live there. That would go a long way, I think, toward reducing police violence.
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    It's interesting that the graphic shows the white hand on top of the black hand, i.e. white has the upper hand. It can also be seen as keeping the black hand down.

    The white hand is also coming from the upper part of the image, a position of power, i.e. the superior hand is reaching down.

    /satire ... or is it?
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    It clearly shows that the black man can only succeed if the white man pulls him up. i.e., the black man is the man-child and the white man is a Southern slave master with more than a passing resemblance to Colonel Sanders.

    It's all so racist I want to give Al Sharpton a great big hug.

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    You guys joke, but one time about 25 years ago, my high school built a new gymnasium. The paint scheme was a dark beige from the floor to about 5', and a light beige above that. One of the students, well known for his outspoken views on racial equality, walked through the halls of the new gym with a group of administrators. He went off on a rant about how the paint scheme was racist, as it showed white power over those with darker skin. Yes, really.
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    Very little people outside of blacks care about the profiling, bias, abuse, and stereotypes put towards blacks by those in power to do so.

    Things like Affirmative Action getting higher a priority of attention is exactly the problem in the first place. I'll actually give a damn about any special treatment in a black person's favor from a university, when government decides not to continue disenfranchising black public education schools with under budgeting, when police profiling is taken seriously by politicians, and etc. The priority of this topic is low, compared many other issues that involve race.

    The black women in this video talking about blacks shouldn't be treated differently, as if it were black people's choice.
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    Plenty of minorities play stupid games & then cry when they get their stupid prize.
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    I think the person in the OP's video is missing the point. It's not that rioting is excusable. It's that it is predictable because the current inequalities in our society are unsustainable. It's not just inequality based on race, but also on wealth and power. Unfortunately, for many people they get hit with a double dose: being poor and being from a cultural minority.

    I wonder how long it would take some people in the US to resent affirmative action if it were based on socio-economic status only. I suspect it would not take long for some people to blame affirmative action of any kind for their own failures.
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    A lot of people seem to see rioting as kids having an adrenaline rush, that maybe so when its american football team supporters.

    But riots are also sparked by anger, as london found out in 2012.
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    Jan 1, 2010
    I saw the stones come flying at me, so I spared this, but since now three people have spoken against the video, I think I can risk it. :D

    1. Giving Dennis Prager's online opinion channel the name "university", doesn't make it objective or scientific. Or the fact that it is not hosted on youtube.

    2. he is right, when a minority guy, who has done nothing, is shot, that doesn't give other minority guys the right to destroy police cars, destroy shop windows, set fire... riot.
    => I agree with, what seems to be the message of the video on the top layer.

    3. he is also aiming at the hypocracy of leftists, who seem to forgive everything. Did leftists/liberals in the US really say that the minorities had a right to riot, because they are oh so poor little people?

    4. Dennis Prager said, that when the first US-politician of muslim believe wanted to do his oath on the koran, he should do it on the bible. Doesn't fit with the tolerant message of this video. (Also, would you want someone to swear on something he doesn't believe in and hence doesn't find it binding?).

    5. given Dennis Prager's other views, the video looks a bit "staged".

    6. I would be interested in what his actual thoughts and motives are.

    7. did someone watch his weird video "why we should love fuel"? He says, fuel is the reason for transportation and transportation is the reason for wealth and all blessings of the modern world. Why does he not include trains that drive with electricity? Do they not transport stuff?

    8. His message of the video is right, even though he probably intends something different with it. (He probably says, let us treat them equally, but means, don't be sensitive to see and condemn racism).

    9. isn't it perfidious, the way he does it, even by taking a black women reading it up?

    He's much like saying "if we give the poor money for going to school they will never learn how to be successful on their own".

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