Harman Kardon Go + Play: Form ruins function

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    Link: Harman Kardon Go + Play: Form ruins function
    Description:: Harman Kardon designed a great sounding, great-looking portable speaker system with the Go + Play, but unfortunately the form hampers function. For a speaker designed specifically for the iPod (and the video iPod at that) it is a shame that accessing the controls and watching video is so difficult. Audiophiles will find little to complain about, but if you do not need the portability the Go + Play offers, there are much cheaper bookshelf systems that sound as good or better (see our upcoming review of the $139 JBL Spot).

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    Harman Kardon

    They're usually great in terms of design, form, and function. Guess they farmed this one out to another company....
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    the reviewer seems bent out of shape because he can't watch movies. Personally if I bought an Apple HiFi or this I wouldn't be watching movies with it in fact, that'd probably be the last thing I'd do as I do believe my video iPod's screen is too small to do that with a device such as this. However navigation might be harder and I agree with him on that but again I normally just set it on shuffle or use a playlist so again, it depends on what you normally use it for I guess.

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