Has anybody tried to make a book yet?


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Jul 7, 2001
To tell you the truth, if you are not resizing the pictures to be larger than the original scan, 300dpi will be just fine for HQ printing.



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i dont think you can make a book without a cover page...

and also, iPhoto wasmade for digital cameras, not really for scanners... so of course it would be hard finding that kind of information...

why dont you borry a friend's digital camera, import it into iPhoto, and check the resolution and stuff of that picture???



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Dec 26, 2001
here's some math

the pages are about 11" x 8.5" and my eyes can't see resolution above about 600 dpi up close and I have prety good eyesight (Yes I can see the dots on the pages but it's not easy) so if you have a full bleed image at a size of about 11x8.5 (I can get the exact dimensions for you friday when I go to the store) then you want the image to have exactaly 6600 x 5100. continuing on if you are putting these on the page portrateorientation then you can put two on apage with each at a size of 5.5" x 4.25" and the size you would want would be 3300 x 5100. remember that those are max resolutions. Be aware (I know because of my playing at the apple store that if apple thinks the resolution is too low on an image before you start to send them out the computer will tell you that it think's the image has too low of a resolution. also save the files as jpegs at the highest quality setting and you won't be able to notice the diference. do it once you have finished doing everything you want to do to the image.

OK people now flaim me so that this guy gets high quality information from all sides.

and dude take it all with a couple of grains of salt. I will try to get you some more solid numbers from those in the know.


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Jan 3, 2002
Atlantic City area
we did

My wife put together a book recently and it came out great! I'll try and get some details but I think that she scanned everything at 230. Now depending on the page layout that you choose for each page if you put text in your photoshop images you better make it readable. There is one page layout that puts three images running side by side horizontally where each one is tilted a bit. On this layout the images are small so any text in them is unreadable.
You do get an area to put text on each page and you can have a page with nothing but text. While you are working on it you can preview it to see how it will turn out so play with it and see how it looks for your images.
We are on cable so sending the book was easy. We also submitted ours on a Sunday eve and got it on the following Wed.
Hope that helps.
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