Has Anyone ever ordered from this site before: www.sabardirect.co.uk? Could be a scam


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Well, as the thread says, have you?
Because i really want an iphone for xmas on pay as you go, and from apple that would cost £440. After a quick search on google shopping, i found this website saying it sells the iphone (3GS, 16GB) for only £395. Is this too good to be true? They have 22 seller ratings but could these be done internally? I just dont want to be one of those people you see on TV because their bank account got emptied by a scam...

They have a UK address and phone number, and also say they are safebuy verified, if this actually means something good?
I would really appreciate the help to know if i can get the iPhone from here, many thanks!

The homepage is http://www.sabardirect.co.uk

The page for the iPhone is http://http://www.sabardirect.co.uk/epages/es108350.sf/?ObjectPath=/Shops/es108350_www/Products/A-B001HZ4X3C&ViewAction=ViewProductViaPortal&Locale=en_GB

And their about us page is http://http://www.sabardirect.co.uk/epages/es108350.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/es108350_www/Categories/Imprint


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Mar 23, 2006
The site does not look trustworthy, although I know nothing about this company.

That alone is enough for me to try somewhere else.

Also the bottom two links didn't work for me


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Jul 20, 2008
reminds me the store - Job Lot. (a store that sells cheap boot-leg stuff). Good chances, its a fake ipod touch. Just go to www.apple.com and do the deed.

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