Other Has one of the new phone models changed how you use a phone?


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Sep 21, 2012
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For those (like me) who bought one of Apple's latest and greatest models, has it changed the way you use a phone, where you find you are being more productive using new apps and iOS features repeatedly (as well as revisiting older apps) that make use of the technology, or has your usage stayed about the same, with little difference in app (type) usage?
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May 26, 2016
Xs Max -

It has pretty much stayed the same with a particular annoyance of not being able to reach opposite diagonal corners of the screen when I’m holding the phone in one hand even with reachability activated.

That brings me to another annoying point of actually activating the reachability feature within apps with bottom tab bar navigation menu that puts the menu buttons at the bottom of the screen where you’re supposed to swipe down to activate reachability. This means, when you try to swipe down, one of the menu buttons get selected instead of activating reachability.

All this means I try to avoid using the device single handed which wasn’t the case with my iPhone 8 Plus.


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Jan 12, 2016
For me with a 256GB XS its face ID. Maybe its the fact my beard is white, or my hair silver white one side and darker grey the other (it has faded that way not dyed) but its a bit hit and miss, more so that touch ID, I miss the simplicity of placing my thumb on my old 7 and being at the home screen. Being out in the wheelchair I find the extra swipe up to be an annoyance, why cant the phone just open up to the home screen after you look at it if you want, there should be a setting for that so people have a choice. Aprrt from better battery life tbh iPhones are all the same these days it feels, although I do love my iPhone I am aware or how fragile it is, I wish Apple could have made a really hard ceramic maybe not glass which seems like the cheapest option for fast charging. Then again I'm not an engineer so what do I know. I would say for my disability the larger phone is not as user friendly, that's why I did not get a max.
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Jul 12, 2016
My experience with the Max has been great for the most part, however; I don’t care how to invoke reachability by swiping down, which to me, isn’t always consistent and a accessing control center from the top right corner of the Max is cumbersome with such a large phone.


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Jul 12, 2010
I've noticed I have been relying on my iPhone less lately. FaceID while fantastic requires very specific windows of view that I didn't need with TouchID. Not a huge deal, just makes me want to use my phone less when I can't leave it on my desk to just view what's on it in a simple manner. I did turn everything off and just swipe up to unlock and that was good but I found myself turning security back on once I was back in a public environment and just decided to deal with it. Speaking of swiping I really miss the home button, I hate constantly flicking all day to get to places it was so much simpler to rest my thumb in one spot, lightly press, and go.

Personal opinions of course but I just haven't really felt like these new devices have streamlined user interaction.


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Oct 1, 2007
yeah XR has made me think about when I'm going to top off for a charge a lot less than my 7+ I traded in, and my X that is slowly coming into retirement

My anal retentiveness has died down too, without PWM and blue shift and not as clean of uniformity, OLED vs 'Liquid retina' (LED)

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Dec 15, 2010
Going from x to the max i’m Using my iPad less on the sofa and watching more content on it.

It’s why I upgraded to the 12.9 and sold my 10.5 as I find a different time to use my phone to my iPad.


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Oct 25, 2008
Biggest change for me has been Apple Pay. I use it a lot now for paying at restaurants and grocery stores.


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Apr 25, 2008
From 7 to XS, haven’t noticed a difference in how I use the phone. But on a somewhat unrelated note, dumping the default iOS Mail app for Email (Edison Mail) has truly changed the way I handle emails - in a colossal way. Wish I had made the change years ago.
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