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May 27, 2008
anyone else having issues with siri this week? (I'm on iOS 14.6)

Ever since the iOS 15 Dev beta came out Monday, Siri has had a ton of issues understanding me on the phone.
I've got my Air conditioner in homekit, with a few scenes for basic settings "AC normal" "AC leaving" and such, she keeps hearing "AC" as "hey siri." she did this multiple times in a row, never had this problem before. And when I asked if she was "F***ing deaf" she thought I wanted to know if she was "F***** Jeff" which is quite a different question all together.

I've had quite a few times where she has misunderstood me in the past few days, Probably as many times as the previous month or 2.

I've also noticed this happening in the past about a week or so before a new major version of iOS comes out, she just all of a sudden can't understand me. it's like Apple updates their servers and they don't work well with older versions anymore. really annoying that this is happening on the very first developer beta.
I've done the public betas before, but not currently. I did the beta earlier this year for the unlock with watch feature, but once that went public, I dropped the beta.


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Sep 22, 2016
I am on 14.6 and I've noticed this trying to give the command to close the garage door. She wants to call some goofy name instead and says that she can't find them in my contacts.
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