Has the IPhone 5 been radioactively contaminated in Japan?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by onener, Sep 13, 2012.

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    As different blogs have written and different Youtube videos with Geiger Counters have demonstrated without doubt, earlier Ipads and Iphones were radioactively contaminated. Evidently depending on the nature of contamination (e.g. Cesium, Plutonium etc.) this may be a small or big health risk in the long run.


    With the Iphone 5 these risks seem to have increased a lot as displays seem to be produced in japan by a joint venture of the largest japanese display producers. Raw materials (e.g. plastic particles) are often stored outside. During the meltdown of the fukushima reactors radioactive particles have been dispersed over the whole contry and have desposed also on material stored outside. Radioactive material is nearly indestructible and may pose the same health risks in 10'000 years as today. From a time perspective I would guess that the complex supply chain brings in this materials in final goods around now (production 1-1.5 years after the event).

    Has anyone measured the radioactive contamination of the Iphone 5 (not talking about radiation of the Iphone for making calls (SAR)!)?
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    Other than Apple engineering facilities you mean? Last time I checked, the thing wasn't released to the public yet :rolleyes:

    As to your concerns, you might want to get back in your Alu-foil-lined cage there Chicken Little....
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    You have to be kidding!

    Everyone knows the radiation got air born and floated over the Pacific and is now hovering over the west coast of the US
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    While this may be technically true I'd be more concerned about the actual usage of cell phones over a 10 or 20 year period.
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    Health effects

    That's not really an issue. Particles outside of a radius of about 80km of fukushima have been sufficiently diluted. Also the most dangerous particles (plutonium) are too heavy and can't make it so far with the wind by themselves (i.e. not transported with contaminated goods).

    To the "tin foil hat" people thinking radiation is not an issues (on the lines of the japanese government): Have a look at this
    or many others...

    The truth is about to become known now... The butterflies are only the tip of the iceberg... You'll want to protect yourself and your (future) children from something which in the worst case (another tsunami) could also well end all life on the northern hemisphere...
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    Yes it does. I have added a special wrist band as backup.
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    How do the links justify your paranoia?! Your not going to be using it in Fukushima, are you? The last paragraph makes me think your tinfoil hat is a really big one.
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    Ok, thanks for sharing.:rolleyes:

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    As someone who lives in Tokyo, this thread is LOL.

    Eating vegetables from Fukushima, that is a real issue, especially when most of them we buy in the supermarkets here are from around that area! Luckily, they do label it! But not in restaurants!
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    oh dear God........ :rolleyes:

    I work for AT&T and my first came in today and asked me if its true about the new iPhone having the hologram feature? I tried my hardest not to laugh in front of his face.

    now I go to MR and I read this thread about radioactive iPhones.

    once again, oh dear God.......... :rolleyes:
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    LOL! What a conspiracy nut website!

    Of course, the radiation did spread, there wasn't huge amounts like in Chernobyl where the reactors melted down and burnt on fire for weeks, sending radioactive soot thousands of miles.

    They had some explosions, and they emited heavy metals, but most of it didn't spread far, but there were a few spikes in Tokyo, 10-20times above normal, but they are still very low, the radiative dirt concentrated in certain places, parks and rivers, which is why they find some "hot spots" but even those aren't so high.

    The biggest worry is the food, whilst the government has been promoting Fukushima vegetables on TV campaigns saying the Japan should stick together and support one another.

    iPhone parts? Not a concern.
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    Absolutely the best thread of the week

    Thank you.

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