Has your 20" iMac Alu a "bleeding light glow" at the bottom/top of the screen?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by Xelo, Nov 18, 2007.

  1. Xelo macrumors newbie

    Nov 18, 2007
    I've noticed that my 20 inch iMac Alu glows at the bottom and the top of the screen when displaying a black/very dark picture (for example when looking at the "flurry" screen saver). It's not so bad, and it is only visible when the screen is showing a very dark one-coloured-image.

    I'm curious to know if this is a common issue, and if anyone else has the same phenomen on their iMacs.

    Another thing I have noticed is that my machine is giving a pulsing low-frequency sound when connected to an external harddrive. It's quite irritating, but I read about another guy with the same issue, maybe all machines are like that?
  2. big.birdd macrumors member


    Aug 11, 2007
    Melbourne, Australia
    with regards to the light, yeah i get some mainly at the bottom, and a bit in the top left corner
  3. ivan1234 macrumors regular

    Nov 8, 2007
    all my macs (mbp, imac, 30'' acd) have some bleeding at the bottom so I don't think its that unusual.

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