Have Dems/Rep perverted the name "UHC" to the point it won't be viable in the future?

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by Zombie Acorn, May 29, 2010.

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    I watch quite a few news segments on various channels and I notice that the name "Universal Health Care" is thrown around still referring to what was passed in US congress not too long ago. What I am wondering is if the perversion of this name is going to destroy any chance for substantial reforms in the future in a "we already tried that and it failed" manner.

    Political Gain:

    Democrats want to call it universal health care because that is what their constituents (and the majority of people for that matter) said they wanted and they don't want to look as if they failed (or gave too big of a bone to corporate entities).

    Republicans want to call it universal health care in order to demonize it and link it to European style of health care where everyone dies in the streets waiting for a hospital bed (an illusion, not reality). This will be particularly useful for them when the current plan fails as they will lobby hard against anymore efforts to push the health system towards an actual UHC plan.

    The CBO has already readjusted their numbers to reflect a more realistic estimate:


    And we are depending on market driven entities to pull our health care expenses back now that we have given them an inelastic supply of customers. The whole system also depends on regulations from the current government who seems to not be doing a very good job at regulating anything from banking/housing/mineral resources/etc.

    If the current plan fails (and the US should know rather quickly going into 2020) will that be the last chance for universal health care which has been proven to save money in other countries?

    I think this political game could end up hurting the future of US health care. :eek:
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    I doubt it. A majority of the people in this country don't actually know what UHC is anyway.
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    If the government (we the people) could pay for it I bet the idea would be more popular.
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    Could? It already has. Some right-wing nutbags* have been making the claim that our health care system is just like Canada's. This is, obviously, completely wrong, but people who weren't paying attention this time around won't know that.

    *: That is, nutbags who are right-wing.

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