Have somehow inherited my brothers contact list on my iPhone & lost mine. How to fix?

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    Jan 2, 2012
    Bit of a backstory as i guess it'll play an important role...

    I had a 3GS. I wiped everything off it bar the apps as my brother wanted to keep them & gave it to him. It still has my iTunes account on it - he doesn't have one. So now he owns the 3GS.

    I bought myself a 4S & obviously restored it from the last backup. It's tied to my (same) iTunes account.

    Via iCloud & FindMyiPhone i could only view my brothers location, not my own.

    So i looked into it & followed this instruction:

    It turned out that the problem was that my stored iCloud details on my 4S were incorrect.


    I'm positive (though not 100%) that when i went to bed my contacts list was as it should be. Th ephone was 1% battery so was dead by the time i woke.

    Put it on charge, hit the gym, returned home to find my wifes text showed up as her number, not her name.,

    Opened my contacts list to find none of mine & only all of my brothers, with the strange one of "ME" being MY number, and actually not his (i'd wiped the contacts list before i gave him the phone).

    So i've lost all my contacts. I've text him as he's at work & his contacts list is as it should be - so it seems to have only affected my phone.

    What's going on here & how do i put it right?
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    Jan 2, 2012
    Couldn't wait much longer.

    Ended up having to do a restore, so i've lost 5 days worth of stuff, but at least i've got my contacts back.

    I'd like to export my contacts list FROM my iPhone TO either google contacts or Windows contacts, but everything i've read seems to be vice versa.

    How do i export FROM the iPhone?

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