Have the iPhone 4 now 3 questions i have to ask


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Jul 26, 2010
1.I'm on the 02 30 tariff for iPhone and noticed that im being charged 20p per min for internet over gsm so even though my data is unlimited wen it drops 3G im being charged extra? or have i read this wrong?

2.Having just bought the iPhone 4 what accessories do i need for nike + ipod? (just the shoe sensor?)

3.It says i am allowed to change tariff after 9months so would i be allowed to change to the simplicity for iphone after 9 months or not?


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Jan 20, 2009
Not really understand about your question no 1 and 3, but for no 2, i'm pretty sure you only need the shoe sensor.



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Mar 6, 2009
Bristol, England.
1. You shouldn't be charged for it, I'm on the same contract and I don't get charged for data on gsm. Unless you've gone over 500mb of data already?

2. Already answered

3. Not sure about this one, you might have to pay an upgrade fee or something? Don't know, would be best to phone o2 about it.


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Jun 7, 2007
London, UK
i used to be on o2 when I got the 3g on contract - so glad i'm not anymore!

anyway, after 9months, you can drop one tariff band per month.
if you were on the £45/month

so month 1-9 £45/month
month 10 £40/month
month 11 £35/month etc etc

obviously you need to ring them each month to tell them to drop one tariff band.

but from what I understand, you are on the iPhone tariff at £30/month which is already the lowest. You will not be able to change to a simplicity tariff till you finish your contract or buy it out.
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