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Have to keep deleting and adding Canon printer to print


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Jan 23, 2014
I have a Canon MF642C that I connect my Macbook Pro 16 inch to wifi. The issue is every single time I need to print, without fail, it will "search" for the printer which shows as idle and the icon is yellow. In order to print, I need to delete the printer from system preferences and re add it. This doesn't happen with my PC or any other devices, just the Mac. Is this a software issue that Apple is just refusing to fix?

I've gone through all the suggestions on the Apple website, made sure the Mac is up to date, printer is up to date, etc. The only time it works is if I delete/re-add. I saw other suggestions of restarting the computer but who wants to do that when you need to simply print a page on a $2k+ machine?
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