Have you looked at the iMacs we have NOW??


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Jun 20, 2001
Has anyone looked at the difference between the original iMac and the ones we have now. The inside casings are different. Where the CRTs are from the inside there used to be a casing the looks like it was built for a CRT monitor - very ordinary squared off section. Not any more though - inside the iMacs now there are casings that are molded in a curved fashion. They look very much like they could be used to house an LCD screen and be the shape of the new iMacs to come. That way from the side it would have an L shape. Take a look and see if you agree..


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Jun 18, 2001
WestCost, USA
They are a little diffrent but the frame is still the same. I havent torn apart a new one compleetly to do a more scientific comparison but they look the same to me. Your right about the case shape and the way that the CRT is held in place. My guess is that the new ones are going to take on a whole new look. A signiicant change to boost sales and retain Apples inovative reputation. I dout that they are going to have a LCD screen. A flat screen CRT, yes. But not a LCD. They are just too expensive right now for them to be used in a iMac. The iMac line is the low-end user line. More cost effective. If they did put in a LCD, the processor speeds, bus speeds RAM, HD, USB2, would all have to gt passed up in upgrades. All I know is, some thing drasitc is going to happen to the iMac. I'm looking forward to it.
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