Haven't decided if I'll buy iPhone 5 or wait

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Jasper84, Sep 13, 2012.

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    The boat I'm in currently, I'm a straight talk user had been using it with a unlocked iPhone 4s which I've sold and now for the time being I popped the sim into a unlocked 3GS, issues the nano sim currently I don't know of any gsm carriers that offer $45 unlimited talk text data with a nano sim, I don't think a factory unlocked iPhone 5 will be a option for preorder at 12:01 am, if I was to buy with a contract I'd choose AT&T with a estimated monthly price at $85 shared unlimited talk text and 1 gb of shared data and would order 2 16 gb iPhone 5's one white one black, 1 gb is more than enough data for me I'm almost always near wifi if this plan isn't available on iPhone 5 AT&T I won't bother prb just buy the new iPod touch to play with till I know more on what my iPhone 5 options are but I most defiantly will check out a couple sites offering preorders at 12:01 am I'll buy the iPod touch from macmall no sales tax and free shipping
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    The sentence never ended.
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    Lol it didn't haha.

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