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May 16, 2015
Hey guys,

Im having screen flickering and artifacting with my HD 5770. Its fairly frequent. It flickers off then back on or looks like a snowflake tv then it turns back on. Sometimes its one screen sometimes the other one. Usually not at the same time.

As I type this one is well behaved the other is having issues.

I run the HD 5770 and an HD 6870.

I recently bought the 5'1 on craigslist. I upgraded the a hex core, ssd and 16gb. With just the HD 5770 in the machine I have no problems on single monitor DVI.

I cant run 2x min dp without the screen flickering. Im running 2560 x 1600.

So the card doesnt work even by itself.

Outside of OS X for example In the bootloader or in the OS Setup I dont have the flickering issue.

Its also not a cable issue, ive moved the cables to the 6870 and it seems fine.

The 6870 works with no problems. I just need 4x mini dp.

Ive tried PRAM and SMC. Neither worked.

Im not trying to do anything fancy really just run basic tasks.

Is the 5770 bad?



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Oct 11, 2013
Baltimore, MD
the 5770 is overheating, you need to clean and then reapply some thermal paste
+1 - whenever I purchase a used graphics card, this is always the first thing I do. Even if the card looks clean, the thermal paste is probably (at this point) 5ish years old, and could always benefit from a reapplication.

Hope you have some success!

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