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Sep 24, 2006
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I have a Macbook that I just got about a month ago, I also have a Windows PC that I still have to use. I have USB harddrives that I would like to use for both the Apple and Windows. I will also have network drives, that are in a Windows Machine, that I need to have access for. My USB drive is NTFS right now and I can read from my mac but I can not write, which is bad as this is my backup. I am new to the world of Apple so I am not sure what format to put the drives in so I can have access from all my machines. What is the best way, and a easy way for me to do this. Thanks


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Hi WarEagle
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The first MR lesson is that the Search function on the menu bar will help find questions that have been asked and answered previously -- as this one has, many times.

Your choices on a hard drive that will be moved between OS's are:
Format the drive FAT32, which both Mac and Win can read and write,

or purchase MacDrive or another third party utility that allows the Windows machine to read and write HFS+ (Mac OS Extended format)

Macs cannot write to NTFS
PCs cannot read or write HFS or HFS+

The second lesson is that MadJew almost always beats me to the punch with pithy yet oddly crypic replies ;)

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