[HD Promotional Video]Project 9:The Underground Aryan City

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    :apple:[HD Promotional Video]Project 9:The Underground Aryan City:apple:

    I'm glad to be here to introduce my first iOS game and my group.

    Its name is 'Project 9 :The Underground Aryan City '.It is an exciting and challenging game.

    It will be on app store this month.

    YouTube Link: http://youtu.be/71XvhU2jj18

    Game Trailer Link: http://www.visualparksoft.com/en/show.asp?id=130


    My group's name is VisualPark.:)

    We come from China! It is an independent game group which is unknown and all members were born after 1985.

    Though we are young and don't have good experience, we must try our best to do every detail well.

    We believe we will do better if we change step by step. Small fireflies together are sufficient to light up a sky!

    We hope our games can bring you happiness.

    'Project 9 :The Underground Aryan City 'is our first game,there must be a lot of problems,but we love it and we will try our best to do it better.

    We hope to get your support and encouragement, thank you very much!

    :apple::apple:★KEY FEATURES★:apple::apple:
    1.Developed on the Unity 3D 3.5 engine, the latest technology available on mobile devices.


    2.Brilliant graphics bring a fairy tale-like visual experience.


    3.Simple control-style removes operational difficulties.

    4.Adventure-Puzzle game with story mode.


    5. [Unique] Free change of characters' related sound, bring more fun to you.


    6.Changing game pace and rhythm make for relaxation and high-energy excitement.

    7.Many choice of route to accomplish missions, each has different feelings.


    8.Immerse yourself in an original storyline.


    It is about a mechanical civilization based on the residual memories of the body. The character ventures on an expedition into the Antarctic wastes that takes her underground and into the center of the Earth.

    Who spies on us?
    Where do UFOs come from?
    Do they have anything to do with evil?
    Does the Earth's underground conceal unsolved mysteries?
    How many unresolved emotional puzzles are there?

    All this and more included in Project 9:The Underground Aryan City !

    Coming Soon!

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