Heat issues with the new iMac's

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by manitoubalck, Sep 27, 2003.

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    The new iMac’s are shipped with the nvidia GeForce FX 5200, using the NV30 core. The early GeForce FX cards (most notably the GeForce FX 5200, 5600 and 5800 all using the NV30 core) suffered from the need to have a huge hunk of copper on the back of the chip, with a vacuum cleaner attached in order to effectively cool the card. This lead to the cards not only weighing a great deal and taking up a great deal of space, but the cooling solution was extremely loud.

    One of the great assets of Macs is that they are generally significantly quieter than the competition; this has traditionally been due to its use of Passive cooling solutions. In the cramped confines of the iMac however such an extensive cooling solution for the graphics card would be impractical for obvious reasons. I dare say as well that the iMac shifts about as much air as the old cube, which suffered from constant overheating.

    I am curious to see if anyone has experienced problems regarding this heat generating graphics card in the new iMacs. Problems could range from forced quits during 3D games, stalls while using graphics intensive tasks e.g. video editing, etc…

    The GeForce FX 5200 ULTRA (Windows edtion)

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    You are grossly misinformed, the 5200 does not run anywhere near the clock speed that the 5800 does (pictured), and it's not even the same chip. The 5800 did not use the .13u process and was plagued with heat issues. Nvidia produced less that 100,000 of these chips (probably closer to 5,000 that sold)

    The 5200 chip is the same family as the 5600 and 5900 but is very low end (1/2 the pipelines). It can even be run with passive cooling (no fan, just a 1/2 tall heat sink).
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    the author of this thread does not realize that imacs dont have video cards, they have video chipsets of those cards, so the heat issue doesnt apply here per say and the fact is the 5800 was the one that needed the blower. anyways hope this answers your question and is the reason video cards cant be upgraded on imacs,emacs.
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    Jeez - go easy on the guy - he was just asking a question - it didn't seem too stupid (not everyone is aware of the production history of every video chip created)
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    Re: Heat issues with the new iMac's

    I have never heard of constant overheating problems with cubes. My iMac DV uses a convection cooling system like the cube did and I have never had any problems. I would think the new iMac cools quite a bit better then the cube did. It does have a fan and when you put your hand on the top of the dome you can feel the air moving out at a pretty good rate. I think the iMac is designed well and you should have nothing to worry about as far as overheating is concerned...

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