Help! All of my Network ports are gone!

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by applekid, Sep 2, 2004.

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    Talk about a bad day! Where to start...

    I downloaded MBToolKitMBToolKit and whatever files I needed for an nVidia in hopes of overclocking my GeForce4MX in my iMac just a smidgen. So I followed the procedure up to placing the nvFlashDriver.kext in the Extensions folder. However, I did not place NVUserXFlash where it is supposed to be before I restarted. So, I reset, I get up to grab some stuff for homework, then I turn around to see my iMac goto a black screen with some white text, similar to a kernel panic or verbose mode, except there's only about 3 lines. I let it restart. Then I got the gray screen with Apple logo for several minutes (in the tens of minutes). I knew I had a system problem. I then rebooted into OS 9, deleted the OCing crap, and restarted. No dice. I rebooted into OS 9, deleted the DirectoryService folder and SystemConfiguration folder since they were the last Preferences edited and last System files edited from what I could tell. This time I ran Disk Utility verifying and repairing disk permissions and the HD. Restart and nothing. I did a clean install of Panther and kept my settings. Another reboot, inserted disc 2, popped out, and done. My clock was way off hour-wise and a day ahead and my Network settings were fubar. I shut down, rebooted, and reseted the PRAM/NVRAM (command+option+P+R). My clock was back, then I remembered the Network settings would probably remain unchanged. Looked at my settings and everything was gone! The pop menu for location has absolutely nothing, not even Default! I can create Locations, but that's all. There's no ports that show up and the ports menu shows nothing either except to create new ones. When I try creating new ports, nothing happens. So I tired making a new location. My Airport, Modem, and Ethernet show up. I set up their settings, hit Apply Now and nothing changes. The PPPoE menu shows Idle and Disconnect, but both are grayed out. Oddly enough though, my PPPoE and Airport menu items show up in the right corner since the beginning. The menu items never change. After creating a new Location, they disappear after leaving the pane.

    I do NOT have a hardware problem because I already did a Hardware Test, they show up and work in OS 9, and do show up technically when making a new Location.

    What do I do?!

    Before anybody explains the moral of this story, I'll say it for myself. Never mess around with the System and use third-party apps, customizations, etc. with caution.

    NOW SAVE ME! :(
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