HELP Apple store charged for a repair the Repair depot said is Covered under warrenty

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by tonyk628, Oct 22, 2008.

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    Oct 22, 2008
    The apple store charged me $800 claiming I had spilled water into my macbook, because there was corrosion on the logic board. Well corrosion takes weeks to oxidize, and my macbook was broken for 2 days before I brought it to the apple store. They opted to ship it off to a repair depot, which on the repair certificate specifically states that the repair was covered under the 1 year limited warrenty, while the store continues to contend the repair was not covered and refuses to refund my money. Has anyone ever delt with this before? Who can I contact to assist me in dealing with apple?
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    What Dukebound85 said. Definitely start a credit card chargeback.
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    Did you get a phone call from the repair center asking you to authorize the repair once they found the spill?

    I'm guessing your paperwork shows zero dollars to fix it b/c as far as the person at the bar knows there is no damage to the laptop. So the person at the bar worked up the paperwork as if it is an In Warranty repair which cost you nothing. There is no way for them at the store to know if you spilled something on your computer, and the only way for them to know that is to open it up which they don't do if they are shipping it to the repair center. The repair center will open up your computer, see the spill, put the unit on hold and call you up and break the news that you now owe money if you want it fixed. Its up to you at that point on wether or not to approve the $800 repair fee or decline the repair. It's all in the Terms and Conditions on the back of your Repair paperwork. I understand your frustration though, I've been there before with a previous laptop. Accidents happen and it makes it worse when they cost you money :( If you bought your computer with an AMX card they will reimburse you up to $1000 dollars....or at least they use to.

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