Help, Can't download a whole album from itunes purchases in iOS 6 (iPhone 5)


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Aug 19, 2010
Want to know if anyone else has come across this yet. Just got the iphone 5 today and installed it as a new device so I would start from scratch.

I have no music on the phone whatsoever. When I go into purchases in iTunes on the phone i cannot go to a whole album and download it. It just shows the album as purchased with no download link.

I can not pull up an album and have the option to download the whole thing. I have to look up a particular artist, then that album will show up but I can only download the songs by that particular artist off the album download link. NOT THE WHOLE ALBUM WITH ALL THE ARTISTS.

This is a problem as much of my music contains various artists. I would have to do 20 searches of the different artists on an album to piecemeal it together.

I also went on my iphone 4 to see if it had the same problem and it doesn't. That is why i believe this is an iOS 6 problem

I think the real problem is that when I go into purchases there is no way to list it by album that I can see on iOS 6. It is artist only


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Jan 20, 2012
I have the same problem

Apparently they've removed the search function from the purchases section of the store, and when I search for a purchased album using the regular search the album shows up as "purchased" but all the tracks say $0.99, instead of the cloud icon.

I emailed apple, and they told me I needed to talk to someone on the phone, so I did, but they didn't believe me, and suggested that I simply "plug the iPhone to the computer and get the music that way"... hilarious.
Finally I made an appointment at the genus bar, but they told me that they can't do anything and I should contact support...

I really thought I was going crazy, until I saw your post. I guess misery loves company.
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