Help copying old version of Photoshop CS from one Mac to another. No CD.

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by InuNacho, Feb 29, 2012.

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    It's a bit of a story so here it goes and before anyone says stick the CD in, I lost in between moving a couple of times.

    I have the original version of Photoshop CS installed on my old Powermac G4 that I installed sometime in 2004. In 2008 I got a new at the time Macbook running 10.5 and easily copied it through Migration Assistant without a hitch. At launch it used to say I was missing some files or something but aside from that it worked fine. When I installed 10.6 through a upgrade install it continued to work fine.

    Recently I deleted a partition on my Book's drive and decided I might as well do a clean restore since I've been getting a few Kernel Panics and figured it would help. After the wipe and reinstall I restored from a Time Machine backup and now Photoshop quits on start.
    I tried copying it through Migration Assistant again from the G4 but still get the same results.

    Is there anyway I can copy it from the G4 to Macbook and have it work properly?
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    You won't get this to work. Do you at least have the serial? If it thinks you've tried to activate on too many machines, you'd need to go through Adobe's tech support. If they can't help you with a new cd or download, I'm sure you can find a copy on the internet somewhere and activate it legally with your own serial after installation. The version in one wouldn't be the same as the other anyway. It most likely required basic updates to run under SL.

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