Help...I need an intervention!

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    Mar 20, 2004
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    Ok. A couple months ago, I stumbled across this site. At the time, I was planning on purchasing the dual 2.0 powermac with the 23" HD display (all was said and done...was just waiting for a couple more paychecks). But then, after reading the forums, I thought, maybe I should wait for updates. Apple's sure to drop them soon.

    Many, many posts later, I sit impatiently by my computer, waiting for product updates. Trying to figure out pricing schemes...dual 2.0, 2.2. 2.4, 2.6, 3.0, G6, which one would I get? Extra Hard drive?...23" HD? or should I just get the 20" and extra RAM? Will the new 20" be HD, I dunno I a powerbook to go with it...or an iBook...but if they update the powerbooks then I'll feel stupid because the g5 powerbook might be out in a year and then a year after that it'll be even faster and then......

    I'm going nuts. I think I need some time away from macrumors, as much as I like it.
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    Aug 19, 2003
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    I went through the same problem before ordering my Powerbook. It would be my first Mac and I really wanted the 15" Powerbook for the Superdrive and widescreen display. Then I got to thinking...I could save money if I bought an iBook G4 and maxed it out and got an external DVD burner. Then I saw a refurb. 17" iMac for $1399 and thought, "Maybe I can get this, max it out, and have a cool desktop machine." Then I thought I could REALLY save money if I bought a beefed up eMac. My only problem was I'd lose portability, so I started thinking Powerbook again. Then I noticed I could get a refurb 1.6 GHz G5 with a 17" Cinema Display for the same price as a 15" Powerbook...then the cycle repeated itself. Over and over and over and OVER. I posted on numerous message boards asking for advice and EVERYONE had a different opinion, so that was no help.

    Finally, I just went with my gut and ordered the 15" Powerbook I wanted in the first place. Haven't looked back since.

    New technology will always come out later, and your top-of-the-line machine will be outdated in a mere 6 months, so just buy now, be happy with your purchase, and stop delaying the inevitable.

    That said, I wouldn't order a G5 until after WWDC... :D

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