Help! iPhone 3G Stuck In Recovery Mode & Wont Restore (after Jailbreak) Error 1015


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May 16, 2012
Hello, Recently bought an iPhone 3G cheap because the seller said it was stuck on the connect to itunes picture, i thought this would be a simple fix as i bought my iPhone 4G stuck in recovery mode and i somehow got it out and im still using it and not had a problem since,

The seller said that the phone was jailbroken and when he went to sell it he made the mistake of restoring it to default. im getting error code 1015 on itunes.

Iv tried using software to get it out of recovery mode with no luck.

can anyone help me out? would be much appreciated!

Thanks Arthur


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May 31, 2012
Hi. I have the same problem. I actually already tried the tiny umbrella thing and it worked and my phone is fine. The only thing is that my phone is still jailbroken and I don't want it anymore but when I try and restore my iPhone (through iTunes and from the phone) it doesn't work. It comes up with errors and then gets stuck in recovery mode so I have to whack it back on tiny umbrella to get it out of recovery. It's doing my head in! Please help
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