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Mar 15, 2012
Hong Kong
(So, I don't know how old my iPhone is, but it used to be owned by my father, only God knows how many times he dropped it.) It all started on Wednesday, I was leaving it alone one night and decided to use it for gaming, I clicked the Home button but it didn't wake up, so I supposed it turned off because it had no battery left, but to confirm it, I pressed the Power button, to my (not so) surprise, it powered up and I could use it again, I thought it was just some small bug so I didn't do anything. Then it shut off again while I was listening to music. The last time it shut down, was when I was listening to music on Thursday (Today) late afternoon, I turned it on to make sure it had enough battery, it had 60%+ but it couldn't survive to tomorrow so I went to charge it, when I got back to it to check for the app "Draw Something" It was off, like the last time, I tried to turn it on but it won't, I did it many times in panic since I love my iPhone, nothing happened. I tried to plug it into iTunes on my Mac OS and nothing, iTunes can't detect it and it was not turning on, becoming more frantic I began to search from Google, I did as one said to try and press down the Home and Power button for 10 seconds, still nothing, I'm freaking out now! But I recall dropping it (When my father finally gave it to me) a few weeks after I claimed it as mine, it fell from the table while charging (The charger is in a funny way so it hangs the phone deadly close to the edge), I picked it up and tried to use it, it seemed fine. I also recall dropping it while running across the street, I picked it up and it looked fine, I can use it, but there was a dent on my Naruto iPhone case, the first thing I thought was, 'That's got to be some hit, I hope its okay.' But nothing bad happened to it, so I didn't give it another thought. I left it to charge later that night. If I remember correct, I left my phone in the Toilet and it got a few water droplets on the screen and some near the edges, I quickly wiped the water away hoping it didn't go into the charge, clicking the Power button, it woke up and I checked the charge for any signs of water, none, so I charged it, and the day ends.

Please help! I need my iPhone!
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