Help me decide between a iBook or a TiPowerbook


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Oct 1, 2002
Hollywood CA
I'm about to "switch". I've very excited, as I have been a PC user my whole life, but really started to fall in love with Macs after using OS X for the first time a few months ago. I'm a film school grad and work with DV alot, and so the Mac is the next logical step after finally giving up hope for PC DV editing.

Now I just need to decide on an iBook or a TiBook.

I am really bad a waiting, so I don't think I'll be able to wait for any of the new announcements, so my current systems of choice are:
Combo-Drive iBook (about 1700 all said and done), 667 TiBook (educational Discount to 2100), or used 500 TiBook from Ebay (1800).

I really like the small size and lower price of the iBook, but how much am I going to wish that I bought the Powerbook down the road?

What are th epros and cons of each? (other than the obvious "TiBook is faster but more expensive, iBook is Smaller but only a G3)

Thanks for your help!

King Cobra

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Mar 2, 2002
The iBook is out of the question. If you are really going to work a lot with DV, you need the G4.

I wouldn't recommend the old Titanium 500, since the 667 can easily beat it. Get at least a Rev. C, and try to wait until later this month for new Titaniums to come out, so you can either (A) get newer, faster and better ones, with the rumored Superdrive, or (B) get a price reduction on the 667. IF the 667 you are looking for is Rev. B, you're better off with a Rev. C. The Rev. C model Titanium Powerbooks do not heat up as much as Rev. A/B.

Pros: (12 inch screen): Very portable, lightweight, goes up to Combo Drive, can be overclocked safely with software

Cons: Difficult to see things at a high resolution, you will void your warranty if you try to get a bigger Hard Drive, 14 inch screen does not provide you with another resolution depth, just a bigger screen, not fully effecient with Velocity Engine designed applications, will not support some editing features in Final Cut Pro

Pros: Brilliant screen, lightweight, given it's current carriage style and size, improved resolution, does not overheat as easily as older models, fully supportive of Velocity Engine enhanced apps, supports all editing capabilities of Final Cut Pro, supports external monitors with a DVI adaptor, bigger Hard Drive, faster bus, DDR video memory

Cons: Overpriced, battery drains more rapidly than iBook, keys may be a little stiff (CNet), scratches easily


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Jun 14, 2002
skip the ibook and go for the most powerful tibook u can get ur hands on. Also up the ram to the max and find the biggest external firewire hd u can find. I suggest getting a newer pbook so u can run dual monitor really well.


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Jul 16, 2002
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Wait and see what the powerbook that should be coming out soon is like. Then decide. I think you will be going with the powerbook.