Help me fix my friends computer(Its in Dutch)

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Macmaniac, Sep 21, 2003.

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    Ok heres the story my friend gets a Compaq given to him by his neighbors who are Dutch. The machine is about a year old, but the reason why they gave it up was becasue a virus completley desroyed windows. I want to reinstall windows it came with 98 but I can't use those disks beacause the whole thing is in DUTCH!! I can't figure it out der installion ner en fer......
    So should I get a clean copy of 98 or 2000 and do a clean install?
    The data does not matter so do i just get a clean disk hit C at startup and reinstall windows??
    I would like to use this comp as a gaming machine cause my iMac has a 16mb vid card and anyone knows what that means for War 3.
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    WOAH! Where to start...first of all you SOOO a Mac user (not a dig I love it!).

    You don't boot a PC to the CD rom buy pressing the C key. If the machine is a Win98 machine, you have a 50/50 chance it will boot from the CD rom if you have a bootable copy of Windows98.

    You would need to get a copy of Windows 98 and a Windows 98 boot diskette. Boot from the floppy. Choose CD Drive enabled or what ever the hell the choice is...from the a:\ prompt...type format c: and hit <enter> that will format the whole disk.

    Next switch to the CD drive (the letter should be dispalyed when the boot process was done) and type setup.exe That will start the install.

    I hope it helps...Good luck finding a copy of Windows 98.

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    Try learning Dutch.... I did.

    But seriously, I would try to get hold of a Win2000 CD. If the PC is a P3 (or faster), then more often than not it should be able to boot off a bootable Win2000 CD.

    The Win2000 setup guides you through formatting the HD and installing a little more easily than Win98.

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