Help me setup my parents household in the best way possible for their needs.

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  1. wolfie macrumors regular

    Apr 11, 2008
    So, as im in Sydney over the summer, I have been given the task by my father to set up his house to accomplish their needs and i need your help as i may overlook/not consider a method to achieve their goal.

    What they currently have in the house

    * Airport extreme (dual band version)
    * Mac mini 2009
    * iMac 2011 version
    * Apple TV
    * External hard drive for most of their media which is currently connected directly from the Mac mini
    * 2 X LED TV's (both located in different parts of the house)
    * 2 X First Gen iPads
    * iPhone 4

    * Apple tv connected to one TV in the living room
    * 2009 Mac mini is in the living room connected to a external monitor.
    * 2011 iMac in the bedroom
    * Second TV connected in the backyard/summer room.

    To Airplay/able to stream videos/photos/web surfing/youtube from the computer to the TV'S when guests are over and watch youtube videos on the 2 tv's in the summer room and Living room.

    My dad just wants it to work nice and easy.
    Heres where what I am currently thinking.

    * Without question, a second apple tv is required to connect to the second TV.
    * Sell the 2009 mac mini and get a 2011 or later macbook air 11inch and connect it up to the living room setup through the external monitor.
    This is key as the recent models of computers have the airplay chip within.
    * Connect the external HD with all the media directly into the airport extreme.

    When they want to stream data to the big tv in the livjng room through one apple tv, its no issue.
    When they want to stream data in the summer room/Backyard and the tv out there they disconnect the macbook air and take it with them, sit on the couvh and control the second TV through the second (yet to be purchased second apple tv) and everyone is happy. Both the outside TV and the monitor are connected using hengedock.

    My concerns are

    1. Will the macbook air 11 inch be able to wirelessy connect to the external hard drive connected to the airport extreme and without lag, smoothly play videos back to the laptop and onto the second TV in the summer room which is located about 5 metres away (through a timber wall and windows)?
    2. Am i making efficent use of their setup and the use of the iPads and iphone?
    3. Is there another way? Would simply buying another iMac or Mac mini to replace the non airplay chip one in the living room do the job and somehow connect the 2009 model directly to the outside summer room TV?
    If i go down that road, how could they interact with this setup? My folks are old and clumsy and dont think they will like a keyboard solution sitting in their laps. Its not a classy setup.

    My dad is open to the best solution/easiest solution possible. If it requires buying an ipad with a airplay chip enabled he will do so.
    The iMac will remain in the bedroom so that isnt an awful lot to consider.

    Any ideas much appreciated.

    Thank you!
  2. eject macrumors member

    Nov 12, 2010
    Your goals would be met, by purchasing the additional ATV, carry on as you are.
    Too much coming out this year to bother buying new kit. (Yet)
    Don't over think it
  3. wolfie thread starter macrumors regular

    Apr 11, 2008
    It cant work as the mac mini does not have airplay feature, so basically i cant turn the summer room tv into a large PC when required.

    Of course if I hook up the mac mini to the summer room tv, i then cant have access to my * potential new mac* and the external hard drive consisting the media.

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