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Jul 7, 2011
I'm trying to improve my wifi at home. I have 80Mbps fibre broadband which may double by next year.

I have 3 floors to cover and A LOT of 2.4ghz competition so 5ghz is my only option if i wish to avoid packet loss and ping spikes. (I've tried everything).

I have an open stairwell across the three floors but sideways i have block wall divided rooms so 5ghz easily diminishes from access points like the airport express.

I have seen the Asus AC68U which is (i think) 1900Mbps AC and apparently has incredibly fast 5ghz speeds.

However, i don't understand enough about wifi. I understand that if i connect an old G device on 2.4ghz everything drops down to 54Mbps. Obviously if i'm going to pay a premium for this 1900Mbps router i want to be sure i can use all of its speed, i understand i would have to be sitting next to it for that to happen.

I need to connect

2013 mbp
2013 imac
2011 mba
iphone 6+
iphone 5s
iphone 4s
iphone 4
iPod touch (4th gen maybe)
ipad air
ipad retina
ipad 2
Canon AirPrint
Samsung smart tv + blueray
Apple TV 2nd gen.
Sony Blueray

I have no idea which of these can utilise the full speed the router can achieve.

I also don't know if i connect any of them to the 5ghz band whether they will retard the performance of devices capable of doing full speed much like the G and N scenario. E.g. i'm guessing the mbp and iMac can do full AC1900Mbps but if i connected the older mba to 5ghz would it prevent the iMac and Mbp from running at full speed.

I just want to understand what devices can utilise this extra speed i will be paying for, if it is worth it and if any older 5ghz devices will cause the newer ones to run slower.



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Sep 13, 2008
The ASUS one is a Dual Band Gigabit Router, so whatever happens on your 2,4 Ghz network should affect the 5Ghz one at all.


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Jul 7, 2011
Does that mean to say if i connect all capable 5ghz devices the router will work out which ones can run at AC speeds and also allow 5ghz -n only devices to run separately and not affect the speed of the AC capable devices?

Can apple products support a theoretical max of 1300Mbps?


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Dec 11, 2006
If you have a dual band router you should be able to set it up with 2 different SSIDs for 2.4ghz and 5ghz so they basically run independent of each other.


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Jul 4, 2014
Brossard, QC
How big are your floors? I've seen mansions that require more than 2-3 APs and people actually go with enterprise products instead. Such as meru networks and Aruba networks access points. But they run you down at least a couple thousand dollars...
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