HELP!!!my crystal iphone case fell apart!!


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Dec 30, 2010


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Mar 16, 2012
hey check it out before u buy the next one!

just see it from YouTube~
seems quite professional one... is it conducted by an online shop?


you can watch on youtube .there have more than 70 design iphone 4s cases .you can use AB Glue or E6000 STICK IT BACK WITH EXTRA CRYSTAL THEY GIVE TO U:))
oh come on .... no promotion plz...


bling shop is the worst website. doesn't send what you buy, lies to you and says they did and got lost in the mail, doesn't refund money, and doesn't reply after that. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM PLEASE!
oh why say so??any worst experience can share?
coz i still want a crystal phone case again:D