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Nov 25, 2010

As Xmas is in already 2 months I am thinking of giving myself a big present this year. I have an iPad2 64GB 3G since launch day and need it every day for meeting notes with Beezy, task management, emailing and surfing the web. I fully rely on the onscreen keyboard.
And as a suffer from time to time that the open applications are a little bit slow when I am switching from one to the other and as I would like to see my 20000 fotos in Retina resolution it is a no brainer for me to order the new iPad4 64GB Wifi (no more need of 3G as I have an iPhone to connect to).

So far so good and easy. But how could I convince myself to have as a second iPad an iPad Mini? What usecase could give me a reason to buy this very cool and attractive gadget as well?

Any thoughts or help is appreciated!

Kind regards


PS: I am working as a sales manager for software products and have most of my business day internal and external meetings.


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Jun 16, 2012
Not trying to be annoying here but why do you need to convince yourself - surely if that's the case you don't really need it...?


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Jul 23, 2011
Well no one's going to stop you from getting both.

I think the biggest reason to get both would be if you're going to leave one at home and take the mini out with you everywhere.

In which case, get a basic mini and leave a 64GB wifi 4th gen at home for photos.

You'd have to be ok with the smaller onscreen keyboard though, or get a bluetooth keyboard (which would negate the portability of the mini a bit).

I dunno. It sounds like you have a ton of photos and you care about a good onscreen keyboard, so ultimately I recommend just a 4th gen. But again, nobody's stopping you if you feel both devices make for a smoother lifestyle.


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Aug 23, 2012
McKinney, TX
I'll be getting both and here's why/my use case for each:

*keep in mind, I don't own a laptop at all*

iPad mini 32GB LTE - this will be my"take-everywhere" device. I had done this with an iPad 3 and found it to be cumbersome at times, but loved all the content at my fingertips on the go. Will load it up with books, games and use it for browsing as well.

iPad retina 32GB wifi-only - I've sold my iPad 3 and will be getting one of these on Nov.2 as my "laptop". Used for watching movies on the go, productivity/work apps, pictures and more graphic intensive uses. Plus will use it to browse when I'm at home because I still do like the bigger screen.

iPhone 5 32GB - my iPhone is a quick reference/music player/communication device. I check email, listen to my music library (iTunes match streaming though I DL a lot directly to the phone) and ask Siri reference questions and to create reminders.

This use case allows me to enjoy each task on the appropriate screen as well as spread my content out so I don't need to buy a 64 GB and then complain that I don't have enough space. The 4th gen announcement made this transition much easier than it would've been had they simply tweaked the 3 and then released the 4 next March.

Hope this gives you an example of how all 3 devices can work together (I also have an iMac at home that serves the purpose of being the central hub for all music/media content and documents/photos. Also will play the occasional SC2 game ;)


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Jul 13, 2007
originally i was going to sell my ipad 3 and just buy an ipad mini and ipad 4. After thinking this over, I probably wont use the ipad 4 much after having the mini. I have a 15 inch MBPr, soon to be iPad mini & iPhone 5. I am also considering picking up a 27 inch iMac after launch. I feel like i may pass on the ipad for the next year or two until its significantly different. I buy too much stuff and it sits around. I never use more than one tablet at a time.
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