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    Feb 15, 2004
    Hoping to get some help folks. Last night after a year of frustration with Safari unexpectedly quitting, I was left with the final act to transfer the contents of my Home folder over to a New User. Now that I got iTunes and iPhoto up and running, I have spent the last two hours going from folder to folder, and file to file changing each individual items OWNERSHIP. I figured once I deleted the old user. all thr ownerships and permissions would be assigned to the new user where the file now resides. This was not the case. Instead all ownership went to my daughters account. Since that didn't work I tried repairing permissions. That didn't help either. So, my question is is there anyway to change all ownerships at one time. Currently I am selecting a folder, highlighting all files, update the new owner, and press apply to enclosed items. I still thoughhseem to have to keep going into subfolders and change them and their contents individually. To change 60GB of files will take ALL DAY LONG!! Is there anyway to do this quicker. I have been using OSX for about 3 yrs now so I am comfortable with any navigating instructions you guys can come up with.
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    if you are handy with Terminal and understand permissions/ownership you can change ALL the files/directories recursively.

    In terminal

    chown -R <ownername> /path/to/folder

    A couple notes
    • <ownername> should be a valid username
    • /path/to/folder is going to be the full path of the folder, you can drop the folder from Finder into the terminal window and it will be filled in for you. Alternatively you can cd to the directory before using th chown command.
    • This may reset permissions, so you may have to fix using the chmod command afterward
    • Don't try this if you don't fully understand permissions/ownership as you can do more bad than good.
    • When in doubt use the man command. man chown for example

    Good Luck.

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