Help! [panther...g3...freezing...ichat oddities]

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) Discussion' started by blankbook0, Apr 20, 2004.

  1. blankbook0 macrumors newbie

    Apr 20, 2004
    i will be very greatful if anyone knows what my problem is and takes the time to respond to my plea...

    i have a g3 imac...i think it's called the imac old computer [i'm poor]...i use it for music mostly...reason and dp4...

    it seems that ever since i upgraded to panther, toast has been freezing...the finder seems a little overwhelmed...and this is weird: in ichat, all the text 'bubbles' appear TWICE!? and ichat will not recieve incoming messages properly...i get a message but can't respond...i have to quit and restart ichat...

    i have a pretty big film score project about to start...

    should i revert to os 10.2? my computer was solid before...

    thanks for stopping to read this!
  2. HexMonkey Administrator


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    Feb 5, 2004
    New Zealand
    First try repairing permissions if you haven't already. You can do this in Disk Utility. If that doesn't fix it, create a new user and see if the problems occur there.

    If they do, then do an archive and install of Panther. This way the system will be reinstalled, but you won't lose any data. If they don't, either move all your documents to the new user and use it instead, or use trial and error removing things from your corrupted user's library until you find the file(s) that are the source of the problems.

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