All Devices Help: Periodically stop receiving notifications on one or more devices


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Jul 14, 2010
Has someone else experienced this? Any resolution?

Every month or two, I suddenly stop receiving notifications on my iPhone. I have a Mac and an iPad under the same iCloud account. I don't use those necessarily on a daily basis as I do the iPhone. So it takes a few days to realize, oh hey, I haven't gotten any notifications.

The only thing that resolves it, is un-checking News from iCloud in Setting on iPhone, and restarting, and checking it back on. But that doesn't actually resolve the problem, typically, I have to then do a similar dance with my other devices (mac, iPad) and do it at least a few times for all of them, until I finally get the iPhone to start receiving notifications.

Another problem, and this is separate from the above, is that the news notifications on my mac are always 2 or so days old. The newest notification is at least two days old in the notification center. If I'm sitting before the mac, I will get a pop up for a new news notification, but if I go to look at it in the notification center, it's not there and the most recent one is usually about two days old. No idea how to resolve that one.