Help please - how to demonstrate battery problem to genius bar

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by IndianGuy, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. IndianGuy, Jan 22, 2012
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    Hello All,

    My (around 45 days old) iphone 4s is having issue with battery - it goes off (like battery has completely ran out) around at around 15-20% battery display.

    So looks like its reporting incorrect battery %, or the battery itself has gone wrong. I have also noted that it charges very slowly even when connected to wall power source (compared to my iphone 4).

    So I want to take it to genius bar, but not sure how do I demonstrate this problem convincingly - I don't want to give them chance telling me its normal - because my phone has died abruptly 3-4 times now when around 15-20% battery.

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions, hope I will be able to resolve this well.
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    First thing the genius will do is hook up the iPhone to a Mac with diagnosic software, and it will tell them the remaining capacity of the battery. A battery that does around 15% should show up as out of spec right away on their stats.
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    Your phone needs to be restored, simple as that.

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