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    Aug 12, 2004
    I encountered 2 problems today, after installing java 1.4.2 Safari automatically shuts off when going to such pages as and others. Any reason why this is happening? Also when i try to open my work email page, my internet just freezes, can anyone help?? One last thing, for some reason when I right click over a link, instead of the option being "open link in new window" which it used to say, it says "localized string not found" but if i click on it, it will still open the link in a new page......I apreciate any feedback, thanks
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    Duff-Man's a bit of friendly feedback - please do not cross-post in multiple forums - let people try and help you all in one place. And also, please try to use something more descriptive in your thread titles.."help please" is too generic and many long-time board members are likely to just ignore the thread...try using something like "Help - problem after Java 1.4.2 update" - then the people who have some knowledge of the issue may be more inclined to read it and reply. ...oh yeah!
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    Feb 3, 2002
    tell you right now, with all the forum etiquette Nazis on this site your gonna get –--- for double posting.

    anyway, i'll do what i can.....first load your OSX installer disk 1 and go to software prefferences> the CD and restart.

    once the main installer window pops up go to the file menu (i think its the file menu) and select DISK UTILITY.

    if you cant select the file menu then you might have to click continue on the main installer window...then try the file menu again.

    now run disk utility to repair permissions. do it a couple of times.
    (after your done, before quiting select startup disk from one of the menus, i forget which one its under, now instead of choosing the CD as your start up disk choose your hard drive that has your normal OSX on it and restart)

    if that doesnt work....try deleting the preferences for safari. its in your user>library>preferences folder and should be names "".

    also, i noticed in SAFARI>PREFERENCES>ADVANCED (note: this is the preferences menu selection in the application itself, not the preferences folder i talked about above) theres some java settings....try deselecting enable java and see if the problem goes away. at least you can isolate the problem that way...maybe.

    thats a start.

    P.S. duffman beat me at posting....i TOLD you people would comment on double posting.....and he was cool about it....just wait :p but really its no big deal, dont let it bother you.
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    May 11, 2004
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    disclaimer: i got this from edesignuk, so thanks

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