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    Apr 12, 2003
    Hello People,

    Well I was recently looking at the Apple Store site and just out of curiosity i click on the sale sign. to my surprise i discoverd that Apple offered Refurbished Macs(i Know Duh but i am still getting used to this stuff) anyway as some of u may know i am in the process of getting my 1st PowerBook and I wanted some opinions about Apples Refubished Power Books. Does anyone in the Forum own one or knows anyone who has, if so how is the condition that they come in. are they good as new or do they have some cosmetic issues(scraches,dents,chips..etc) are they as reliable as getting a New far i've seen a 15in 1Ghz Alu PB for $1699(normally $1999) and feel real tempted. any help would be greatly appreciated. also herd of the 17in 1.33 being offered for $2499, if i see it I may take the Plunge.
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    Jul 11, 2003
    I and many I know have had good experiences with refurbs. Of course, just like a new DOA, there can be problems with reurbs (search these forums) but Apple will stand behind it. Most of the refurbs are open boxed returns. ANd they come with a warranty. HTH.

    As for your signature, "GOD uses a Mac", I would have to disagree. If there was a god, Windows would not exist.
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    :rolleyes: Cute... :D

    The only thing that I would be leary of on a Powerbook refurb is that it might have a few dead pixels. I have no proof of that, but with all of the complaining over dead pixels around here, I would imagine that the refurbs consisted of a higher concentration of dead pixels machines.

    Now having said that, I have an iMac 17" flat panel that is a refurb, and there is not a single dead pixel on it. I usually buy the refurbs if I can since they are cheaper and have the same warranty.

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