Help- Transfer iPad Verizon 3G account to new iPad 4G

Discussion in 'iPad' started by mrgossett, Mar 18, 2012.

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    I recently sold my iPad2 Verizon 3G in order to buy the new iPad 4G model. I restored the iPad2 to factory settings before I sold it, but I forgot to turn off the 3g service. I'm trying to set up the 4G account on the new one, and I'm using the same email address as I had with the old iPad, and it won't let me set up the account. I assume I need to call Verizon, stop/cancel the old account and transfer the service. I've looked online for a number to call, and have tried a couple, but they don't work. Can anyone give me a number to call to do this, or any other help? Thanks...
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    I'm not terribly familiar with how it works on Verizon because of the lack of sim cards but when I sold my iPad 1 for the iPad 2 I made this same mistake, and after calling AT&T(611 from my iPhone) they informed me that I needed to swap out the sim card from the first iPad and use it on the new one. Luckily I sold it to someone I knew and had no problem getting the old sim back.
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    Call Verizon customer service, the number on their website works not sure what problem you're having. I sold my Verizon iPad 2 and called customer support with my new iPad and they transferred the plan to the new one. You might need the MEID or the phone number that was assigned to the old iPad. If you don't have that info and they can't transfer the plan, just cancel it and sign up for a new one on the new iPad. They did transfer my old 3G 1gb/$20 plan to the new iPad and I'm getting LTE just fine.
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    Call Verizon at 1-800-786-8419. For your account make sure you know the phone number that was assigned to your iPad 2, this should be in your confirmation emails for service.

    You will need to give them the IMEI, ICCID, and MEID of your new iPad so they can move the account to the new one.
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    Thanks!!! That was the number I needed. Got the account transferred easily.

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