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Help unimplemented trap at boot!


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Apr 22, 2020
São Paulo, Brazil
I have a lombard g3 powerbook, any operating system I try to boot (mac os 8.5, 8.6, restore cds, mac os 9.0, 9.1, 9.22 ...) gives me an "unimplemented trap" screen.

- I've tested it with other hard drives
- I've tested it with other memories
- I've tested it with other memory slots
- I've tried to format the hd on another machine and try to boot
- Hds smaller than 8GB
- Boot with another cdrom drive

I believe it may be a problem on the processor board, because I have another identical powerbook, and when I put my notebook's processor board on the other one, the problems happened.

Obs. My other powerbook has a defective processor board, it won't turn on, so I couldn't do the reverse test; I noticed that when I turn it on by pressing "Option" to choose the boot, nothing happens. I don't know if because he is very old, this resource did not exist yet, or if he has a corrupted rom. If he has a corrupted rom, is there any form of reflash by open firmware?

I'm scared, because my other powerbook, that doesn't work the processor board, at first it started with something like that, then it would turn on once every 4 or 5 attempts. And it was also very sloooooow before finally dying
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