HELP! WEIRD ISSUES! iPod not showing up, wrong album covers, iPod Service freezes,etc

Discussion in 'iPod' started by iCheddar, Jan 5, 2008.

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    Apr 30, 2007
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    I've been having some serious issues with iTunes and two of my iPods lately, namely.

    I'm using a Windows box running XP Pro, and I have a 5G, 30GB iPod and an 8GB iPod touch

    1) Lately, whenever I sync my iPod touch, either the WRONG album covers show up when playing music, or not at all. Not a major issue, but it is a bit annoying and completely ruins coverflow view. - Cannot do a restore as it is Jailbroken

    2) Whenever I plug my 5G into my machine, it shows up in My Computer, but it does not show up in iTunes. I've checked Apple's site, but to no avail. I've tried rebooting the iPod, I've tried restarting my machine, I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling iTunes, I've tried everything including killing and restarting iPod Service, but nothing makes it show up in iTunes.

    3) This relates to #2, but whenever I plug my 5G in, iPod Service begins to take up massive amounts of system resources. iPod Service iteself takes up 30% and SERVICES.EXE takes up the other 70%:eek: Also, the two processes continue to eat this much power, even when I unplug my iPod, only killing them through Task Manager seems to do the trick.

    4) Whenever I sync my iPod touch, I get an error that 100 or so items were not transferred over, these 100 items are all songs purchased from iTunes. Thus, I must start a song, enter my information, and let iTunes contact the store to verify that I did purchase the songs. Everytime after doing so, it tells me that 2 of my 5 machines have been used up. This has happened every day for a week.

    So yeah, I've got some pretty weird issues, and nothing I can think of can or will resolve them. Anyone have any ideas.

    Oh, and yes, I do plan on making the switch shortly after the 15th:cool:
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    Jan 17, 2007
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    well i can tell you, you can restore your jailbroken ipod touch but i see you just dont want to lose all your stuff and i dont know about the ipod maybe take it to apple or go to a friend that has a mac and try it there or a friend with a pc :confused:

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