Help with iTunes please. I think I have a big mess here but not sure...

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by magentawave, Feb 4, 2013.

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    I think I have a mess in my iTunes and would really appreciate some help please...

    When I connect my iPad to my Macbook Pro and open iTunes on my MBP I can see that within iTunes on my iPad (again, connected to my MBP) there is tons of stuff that is dimmed with a dimmed little spinning thing (that is stopped) to the left and probably because the first time I hooked up my iPad to my computer I stopped my iPad iTunes from syncing in the middle of synching with my computers iTunes because I didn't want tons of stuff going into my iPads iTunes and sucking up all of the iPads memory. Probably 95% of everything in my iPads iTunes Music is dimmed and highlighting it and clicking Delete won't get rid of it. Obviously you can't play any of the dimmed stuff because I didn't let if finish synching. I can play the non-dimmed music in there from my computer but I can't delete that stuff either.

    I want to delete everything in my iPads iTunes except for my books and start over. To save the books I tried highlighting all them in my iPads iTunes from my computer so I could drag them into my computers iTunes Books section but it won't let me move anything. In fact, the only thing I can do with my iPads Books from my computer is to right click and choose "Get Info" or "Rating". I tried selecting all my Books in my iPad and then I clicked "Add To Library..." from the iTunes menu on my computer, and then I created a folder called "Books from iPad iTunes" and it still wouldn't let me add them to that folder or anywhere else.

    When I open iTunes from within my iPad the only thing I can access is all the commercial stuff from Apple (new songs and movies, etc.) and the songs I purchased from Apple but I can't see any of my other music or books in there.

    When I open the Music app on my iPad I can see all the same music under "Songs" that I can see from my computer when the iPad is plugged into the computer. I see the same dimmed songs (that I can't play or delete). I can see and play and delete individually the few songs that made it there before I stopped the synching a couple years ago. None of my books are in there.

    I see 38 books in my iPads iTunes from my computer but can't find them anywhere in iTunes from my iPad. 25 of those books are in my iBooks.

    If your head hasn't blown off your shoulders yet, here is what I want to do...

    1) I want to save all 38 books I can see in my iPads iTunes when its connected to my computer by either putting them somewhere on my iPad (iBooks??) or a folder on my computer.

    2) I want to delete iTunes from my iPad and upload a fresh copy of iTunes.

    3) I want to MANUALLY put only the stuff I want in my iPads iTunes (to save memory).

    4) I want to get all 38 books in my iBooks on my iPad.

    Can anyone tell me how to do that stuff please?

    Thanks again.

    NOTE: If it matters, my iPad is an iPad 1. My computer is an older Macbook Pro 17 running IOS 10.6.8, and the iPad and my MBP have the latest version of iTunes.
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    Wow. No offense intended, but that's a really incoherent post. I waited a bit to see if someone else would take a stab at your query, but alas, no one has. I'll do my best to help you. To begin: you can't remove iTunes from the iPad. It's baked in and can't be removed. What I think you should do is connect your iPad to the MbP and do a restore if you have a backup already. If not, connect to iTunes anyway and when the iPad shows up in the column, right click and select "back up." This should put your books into your MbP iTunes library. At this point, now would be a good time to transfer purchases by right clicking as well. This should put purchased music in your itunes library. Now in the summary tab for the iPad, select "manually manage music" and maybe "convert higher bit songs to 128kbps," if you really want to economize on storage space. Now click apply. After it's all done you may still see the ghost tracks. Select all music that you don't want on the iPad and delete it. If its stuck then you will need to restore and start from scratch, which is what it sounds like you want to do anyway, I think. Restoring will remove everything you have loaded so it's important that you have it backed up. Are you using iCloud yet? That is a great place to back up to as well. I hope this helps.

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