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Oct 28, 2001
San Luis Obispo, CA
I bought my 512MB PC 133 RAM today from best buy. I put it into my G4 500 AGP, and now the Monitor wont start, but I can hear the computer buzzing.

I take the RAM out, and the computer works! Do macs not work with this RAM? Do I have the RAM in the wrong slot?


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Jan 6, 2002
Buffy's bedroom
That sounds really strange... I'd say it was faulty RAM, but I've never heard of faulty RAM causing that kind of problem...


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Aug 14, 2001
I have. The same thing happened to me with some CompUSA RAM. Return it.

The lesson learned: Don't get your RAM from those PC guys. Go with They're great.


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Oct 4, 2001
Natick, MA
Make SURE you don't buy ECC RAM... It won't work (or not properly). Did you get any beeps when you powered up the system after installing the memory???

Also check out for memory. They have a lifetime warranty (life of the computer, not just for how long you have it) on all their memory. Also, ALL of the memory from them works on any firmware update you might have done.

Oh yeah, and if you don't know which slot the RAM goes in, don't go installing it. It doesn't matter which of the memory slots you put it into, as long as it is good memory. Also, you can use PC100 memory in that system, as well as good quality PC133, the chips are backwards compatible, but not the systems. Essentially, this means you can put PC133 memory into a system that takes PC66, or PC100. But, you cannot put PC100 into a system that takes PC133 and uses it as such (such as the new towers, from DA forward).
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