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Sep 20, 2014
I didn't want to open a new thread, so I'll post my question here?
Does the tweak InstaBetter work on the latest Instagram version which is 10.21? I am currently using a very old Instagram version...


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Aug 4, 2010
I didn't want to open a new thread, so I'll post my question here?
Does the tweak InstaBetter work on the latest Instagram version which is 10.21? I am currently using a very old Instagram version...
No. I've uninstalled it and gone with Instagram++.

I prefer insta better but it's so seldom updated and I keep accidentally updating to the latest Instagram then being stuck with zero features of it anyway.


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Jul 11, 2008
Charlotte, NC
Anyone have experience with the tweak POLUS? It's a control center tweak that lets you customize all the switches and toggles. Was wondering if it was stable, I'm on 10.1.1 Extra_Recipe on a 7+.


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Oct 11, 2017

Welcome to our help department!

I thought we could have this thread so people could easily ask for tweaks instead of having them all scattered across the forum.

BUT, before you dive deeper and venture into the tons of questions, take a look at these common tweaks here, and please see if you can recognize anything similiar to what you are looking for;
If not, then be my guest and ask.

Perhaps you're looking for a GameBoy emulator for the iPhone 5?

Well then, I'm glad to tell you this is the best one. GBA.emu, easily found in Cydia. There are also the following emulators: GBC.emu, gpsPhone, Snes9x Ex & NES.emu.

Note: Update 9/2/2013 - In order to get this emulator, you need to donate the enlisted amount for the specific emulator you want and after you have sent him the transaction id + your unique Cydia ID you will then receive the emulator as a gift. Robert Broglia, the developer of GBA.emu is having problems with the terms of agreement with PayPal due to legal terms. Emulators and all that stuff doesn't go too well with such things. Therafore your only way to get this is to pay him the amount for the emulator via Amazon. More info here:

Warning! Installing too many tweaks/addons may cause springboard crashes and errors that may hog the performance of your iDevice and cause lag.
Review common tweaks before you proceed:

    • Rinngo (lets you change and CREATE ringtones directly from your iDevice. One perfect tool. Note; spelling is "Rinngo", not "Ringo".)
    • Auxo (Shown in the picture above. Basically what Auxo does is that is remakes your whole architecture of the multitasker. Auxo "reinvents" it. Easy to use, simple UI.)
    • PasswordPilot Pro (lets you autoinsert your appleid+password everytime in AppStore and other apps with a MASTER password. Support for multiple accounts.)
    • BiteSMS (lets you send texts quickly even when you're inside an app)
    • Activator (lets you change around with different activation methods, disable the dragdown notification window etc)
    • Adblocker (disables all (most) ads in apps and safari/chrome etc)
    • SBSettings (lets you play around with toggles and free up RAM)
    • NCSettings (alternative to SBSettings. Simplistic UI with integration in notificationwindow + integrated support for Intelliscreenx.)
    • Appcent (lets you see the percentage of any downloading tweaks/apps on the homescreen)
    • Barrel (lets you customize the animations when you slide to different pages in homescreen)
    • Protube (lets you download videos from youtube , among other things!)
    • iFile (lets you dive deep into the different files in the iphone. Customize things. Do not touch if you're not familiar with codes).
    • Infinifolders (lets you customize your folders to have a lot of apps inside in difference to the standard folder with limited apps inside).
    • Infinidock (lets you assign pages within the dock and swipe them!)
    • Callbar - receive and get calls while still doing my thing on the phone, without it taking over the whole screen
    • Zeppelin (lets you change your carrierlogo)
    • Springtomize 2 (lets you change alot happening on the homescreen such as icons etc)
    • Swipeselection (lets you select a lot of text in a very easy gesture).
    • Winterboard (lets you change the look of your iphone's theme and look the icons").
    • FullForce (For iPhone) (lets you optimize every app out there to fit the resolution for the iPhone 5. 640x1136 on all of your apps. You no longer have to worry about an update for resizing your app to fit your phone. This is a very handy tweak.
    • iCleaner (lets you clean your cache and many other unnecessary files in your iDevice including files and unused dependencies in Cydia.)
    • VolBright (lets you hit the volume up and down at same time to change the adjuster to brightness instead of volume. Press both buttons at same time to change it back.)
    • InfinityTask (keeps your apps from getting killed.)
    • AppUpdateNotifier (lets you disable updates for specified apps)

And more...

    • 3GUnrestrictor5 – Use wifi-only features on 3G)
    • Accelerate – Faster (or slower) animations, as you see fit
    • AntiTint – Makes the iOS 6 status bar always black, rather than changing colors.
    • AppStoreUpdateSize – Shows size of updates in the App Store
    • AskToCall – Pops up a dialog asking if you are sure you want to call. I use this because I find it really annoying that tapping on an item in Recent Calls by default immediately calls back, rather than viewing the contact info.
    • BrightnessIcons – Homescreen icons to increase and decrease brightness.
    • BytaFont – Changes fonts
    • Cyntact – Shows pictures in Contacts list
    • DebianSaverLaunchDaemon – Whenever you install a Cydia package, this utility automatically copies the .deb file to the /var/mobile/Documents/DebianSaver directory. That way you can easily backup your Cydia packages, and also have the ability to manually downgrade them (by installing a previous version from its .deb).
    • DeleteWord – Hold the Shift key and tap Delete to erase the previous whole word. There’s a better version called DeleteWorld, but it’s not iOS 6 compatible yet.
    • DietBar – Makes Navigation bars thinner
    • DietBulletin – Makes notification banners thinner (so they fit in the Status Bar)
    • Dimmer – Lets you make your screen even darker
    • DisableNCSwitch – Prevents the Notification Center from swiping down in Fullscreen apps
    • DismissMyKeyboard – Swiping from Spacebar to Enter key makes the keyboard go away. Perfect for Messages where typing a long message normally makes it impossible to scroll up and see the earlier conversation while typing, but useful anywhere.
    • FastCopy – This doesn’t work on iOS 6 yet, but it is supposed to eliminate the delay before the Copy action menu pops up. It worked in iOS 5, and I have it installed because it doesn’t hurt, and that way I’ll know as soon as it gets updated.
    • f.lux – Warm display temperature at night
    • FolderEnhancer – I think this is better than InfiniFolders, but your preferences may be different.
    • FullScreenSafari – Swipe actions are great, though some of them don’t work quite right on iOS 6. Notably, I can’t get the 2-finger swipe Up and Down to trigger the Scroll to Top and Scroll to Bottom actions.
    • IconRenamer – Lets you rename icons on the Springboard
    • KillBackground – Lets you close all apps at once from the switcher in wiggle mode. (DashboardX Widget: WeeAppKiller
    • LastApp – Lets you set an Activator action to return to the most recent other app. Good for switching back and forth.
    • MobileTerminal – Terminal
    • Monocle – Lets you set an Activator action to put an app into fullscreen mode. I set it to only hide the Status Bar, leaving the navigation and tab bars alone.
    • MultiIconMover – Select multiple app/folder icons and move them all at once
    • Nitrous – Much faster (4× in my tests) Javascript in every webview outside Safari, including other browsers
    • NoSpot – Eliminates the Spotlight page
    • RespringCacheFix – Clean up junk files
    • RotationInhibitor – Lets you set an Activator action to lock the screen orientation.
    • SafariBookmarks – Moves the Reading List and History lines out of the Bookmarks list.
    • SafariDownloadEnabler – Download things from Safari. One shortcoming is I don’t see a way to download the webpage that is currently open, only ways to download pages that are linked to (by holding down on the link).
    • SafariPDFPrinter – Lets you print a webpage to PDF
    • ShowCase – Makes the keyboard show lowercase letters when appropriate. Even works for Greek and other languages.
    • SpringFlash – Lets you set an Activator action to turn on the torch. I set it to Lock Button Short Hold, so I have a physical flashlight switch.
    • SwipeShiftCaret – Awesome text insertion point and selection manipulation
    • TabPlus – Lets you open unlimited tabs in Safari
    • TetherMe – Enables native tethering, uses “phone” apn
    • TopographyForGoogleMaps – Lets you set Google Maps to topo view
    • UniversalVideoDownloader – Lets you download videos from any app.
    • WebScrollian – Much faster scrolling in web views
    • WifiPasswords – View your saved Wifi networks and passwords. Great for times when someone asks you for a Wifi password.
    • xMessages – Lets you make Messages show timestamps for all messages. Has some other contact-picture features, but they mostly broke in iOS 6. So I would actually recommend SMSTimestamps if you just want the timestamp for every message.
Credits for the added suggestions: Qaanol
Last Update: 26/2/2013

No, it's not in the list.

Please then, in order for us to help you it's essential you fill this form to find your requested tweak among our knowledge here on the forums. Please be specific and try to look for details. This will give us a more accurate field of hunt.



Give it time!

Give us time to search. Please keep in mind this is a non-profit-making help you're getting here so please be patient.

... and receive your answer shortly: Cyntact

You're done! Remember, you're always welcome to return!
Hi, not exactly sure where to go, could you please link me to where I can ask for help about in app purchases, thankyou I would like to learn
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Feb 1, 2018
Hi guys i need help on fail jailbreak i am bew to jailbreak and i was trying to jailbreak my ipod 4 ios 6.1.6 and everything was going well allof a sudden I accidentally unpluged the wire than the ipod stoped and crashed when I rebooted the ipod and when i enter home screen all i see is a “newstand”app
Nothing else in my ipod no setting no safari nothing else when i search in spotlight search it shows me nothing so pls help me how to solve this problem pls fast


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Feb 13, 2013
Any tweak to have my iphone (ios 9.3.3) have an automatic change of the lockscreen picture or desktop?


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Apr 10, 2008
Anyone know the tweak for dark mode on the latest jailbreak for iOS 12
The best ones which cost money are:

Eclipse 12
Noctis 12

both work well together as Eclipse focuses more on darkening apps and Noctis is used to darken parts of iOS like for example; notifications, dock, settings, widgets panel, etc...

As far as free alternatives you can try Dune but its more of a replacement for Noctis whereby it darkens systemUI elements. for darkening apple stock apps and third party apps you're better off paying the few bucks for Eclipse...

I reccomend getting Eclipse and first pairing it with Dune, if that works well for you then keep it that way... if not then pay to get Noctis to pair with Eclipse

unfortunately I can't give you first hand experience on the latest iterations of these since I am still waiting on the A12 JB.
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Jan 7, 2013
Use AirPlay / HDMI to stream restricted app to TV / AppleTV


I am really struggling to find a way to get around an app restriction that won't allow mirroring / airplay.

Its a "Go TV Anywhere" app, that I have a subscription to. I got it installed on my iPad, but need to connect it to at TV. The app wont allow airplay or mirroring, and I hope you guys can help me find a way to get around this issue. At the moment the iPad is not jailbroaken, but I do it in an instant if there is a way to fix this problem I have. I am also open to pay for a 3rd party app that gets around this annoying issue.

If there is no cure, the only way I see is to get some kind on android device, but I would like to avoid this if possible.

Thanks for your help!


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Jan 31, 2020
Hi. I'm not sure I'm on the right forum.

I have an iPhone that was supervised , and then the supervision was taken off the phone, but the problem is that even without the supervision I can't connect to iTunes on PC, it gives a message that the phone is supervised by another computer and can't connect to the computer.
I searched about how to fix that. but it seems the only fix for that is to erase the whole phone, and this I don't want.

so my question is, if I'll jailbreak the phone, wil I be able to fix it??

please help!

S. M.